Hello Potential Clients and Investors, 

   My name is Evans Zografakis and I am writing this letter to share information with Real 
Estate owners and potential clients that may affect the value of your property. I also own 
commercial property throughout the Tri-State area and therefore have a vested interest in 
the changes, growth, trends, rental rates, marketplace and other activities in our areas.

    Due to my Commercial Real Estate experience, I have been fortunate to interact with 
many professionals in related industries. In addition to Commercial Real Estate attorney 
specialists (zoning, land development and assessment appeals), I've built longstanding 
relationships with professional individuals in the environmental, surveying, taxation, 
commercial appraising, title abstractors/searchers and financial fields and would be happy 
to share these names with you, should you have a need.

    You may have heard certain real estate ?experts? predicting a bubble or crash in the 
near future. As such, some property owners are taking advantage of a potential ?top of the 
market? and electing to transfer equity and profit into other vehicles. Many are using tax-
deferred (1031) exchanges should they decide to remain with real estate investments.

    I believe that when people of similar interests interact, all can benefit. Some owners are in 
a time of their life when liquidating their property makes sense. Others are more interested 
in expansion or adding additional locations for existing investment or businesses. Should 
you fall into either of these areas, or if you would like to brainstorm and exchange ideas, it 
would be my pleasure to get to know you and your goals. From time to time, I come across 
what I call ?properties of interest?. These properties are, in my opinion, typically 
undervalued due to existing condition, the perceived value of the present owner, or lack of 
information about future conditions soon to affect the property. Knowing your interests 
would allow me to alert you of these opportunities.

    We are Members/Subscribers of CCIM, COSTAR, LOOPNET and MLS and have access 
to private residential and commercial multiple listing services as well as ?specialized 
commercial databases? that allow me to gather critical demographics and information with 
regards to local and national businesses and business trends, owners, property owners and 
commercial real estate movements. You may be interested in knowing that such factors as a 
growing, baby boomer, population dictates a need for new commercial business space 
specific to this group of individuals, medical, financial planning and insurance facilities 
being a few examples.

    I plan to stay in touch with my perspective group of Business and Business Property 
Owners. I feel confident that our conversations will be positive and productive and I invite 
you to contact me with any questions or comments that may interest you. Please feel free to 
reach me at my office @ 610.848.6006 or my cell @ 610.389.4804.